City of Cambridge parking in Cabridge, MA including restaurant parking and theater parking.

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The Charles Square Garage: A Green Parking Facility

The Charles Hotel and Propark America are both committed to the environment by developing methods and processes aimed at reducing our overall carbon footprint, while helping to raise social awareness about sustainability. We are excited to provide our guests with these services and technologies, designed to further promote positive choices and environmental responsibility:

nanoMAX Patented Technology - NanoMAX is a new, patented, small car detection system, developed to measure a vehicle entering into a parking facility and provide a unique parking rate based upon the vehicle's actual size. Smaller, environmentally friendly vehicles will be assessed a smaller rate as a reward to the driver for operating a vehicle that has a lesser impact on the environment.

Juice Bar - Free electric vehicle charging station, available at the Charles Square Garage, allows drivers of electric cars or hybrids to charge their vehicle.

Dedicated Small Car Parking - The Charles Square Garage has a special area reserved for those guests who choose to drive smaller vehicles, such as Mini Coopers and Smart Cars. This re-striped portion of the garage maximizes the parking footprint to accommodate more small cars, and is adorned with high-resolution wall graphics, colorful floor coatings and high impact energy efficient lighting, which is sure to surprise and delight those environmentally-conscious drivers who park in these spaces.

Hotel Bike - Free bicycle lending program made available to all guests of the Charles Hotel and administered by Propark America. Our Electra Amsterdam Classic bicycles are available in men's and women's styles and each one comes complete with handlebar-mounted basket, Giro Indicator biking helmet and a Kryptonite Kryptolock U-lock with cable. A map to local bike trails will be made available to all guests who choose to use the Hotel Bike service at the Charles Hotel.

Tire Inflation Station - Under-inflated tires have been shown to have an adverse effect on gas mileage. Guests of the Charles Hotel may inflate their tires at our Tire Inflation Station, so as to maximize their gas mileage and lessen their fuel consumption, free of charge.

Free Bicycle Parking - For those people who choose to commute via bicycle, we are proud to offer complimentary bike parking at the Charles Square Garage.

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